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In about 13% of German households lives at least one dog. About 5,4 Million dogs live alone in Germany. Dog lovers stay true to their pets for decades, as 500.000 pups find a new owner every year.

One desire connects all dog owners: Their dog should be clean and cared for. But as of now there are no attractive possibilities to wash your dog on your own without having a messy bathroom, aching backs and knees and a lot of effort.
With the self-serve dog-washing systems we provide a place, where dog owners can wash and care for their dogs on their own.

Even if only 10% of the dog-owners in Germany use the dog-washing systems there is still going to be a demand for 1.500 individual cabins or 500 self-serve dog-washing salons with three cabins per salon.

In Italy, Spain, the USA and Australia such systems have been running successfully for years and we are looking forward to offering such a service in Germany too.

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